This architectural pendant line is inspired by a coming together of the scientific industrial with the subtle organic, combining the linear quality of borosilicate glass tubing with graduated frosting, proportions and forms taken from nature.

Both the globe and more linear cylindrical shapes of the Alcyone line are suspend using identical delicate aluminum elements and fine stainless cable. With this economy of structure the nearly 30” pieces of linear glass are suspended with only minimal mechanical detail and float lithe and luminous within the space. The economy of structural elements, as well as, the relatively industrial production methods make the cost of these unique pieces affordable and accessible to broad range of architectural and interiors projects. 

The long and slender, gradually frosted glass forms are designed and carefully proportioned to relate to each as a series that work together in a space, as well as in a variety of individual fixtures with groups of three, four, six and eight. The combinations of eight form impressive chandeliers that create a strong sculptural architectural presence. 

With the possibility of many diverse compositions, the Alcyone lighting pendant system is designed with the designer in mind, giving individual components to work into compositions that would best suit a unique project. There are eleven unique shapes of glass giving the Alcyone collection 30 fixtures. With minimal customizations larger and more daring compositions can be easily achieved.

Alcyone was created through experimenting with glass, light and delicate metalwork to create big atmosphere with minimal forms and grace.