Designed for the designer to use as fine modern glass and metal light elements for architectural space. Delicate forms, graceful and adaptable in a number of configurations add crafted detail to the modern environment or minimal counterpart to a classic or vintage setting.

This architectural pendant line is inspired by a coming together of the scientific industrial with the subtle organic, combining the linear quality of borosilicate glass tubing with graduated frosting and proportions and forms taken from nature.


The long and slender, gradually frosted glass forms are designed and carefully proportioned to relate to each as a series that work together in a space, as well as in a variety of individual fixtures with groups of three, four, six and eight. The combinations of eight form impressive chandeliers that create a strong sculptural architectural presence. 

Alcyone was created through experimenting with glass, light and delicate metalwork to create big atmosphere with minimal forms and grace.

Exquisitely crafted in Northern California

Borosilicate Glass

Hand fabricated in one of the finest scientific glass shops in the Bay Area. Beautiful lathes and torches cut, fuse and shape the fine glasswork of the Alcyone lights.

Steel & Aluminum

The delicate aluminum elements of the pendant line are machined in small local high tech shops. The steel armatures of the Rain are fabricated, machined, welded and hand finished in-house at our studios in San Francisco. We work together with a tight community of local craftsmen from high tech to hand work to bring together each fixture from beautiful materials into graceful form.